With lots of home improvement programmes on the TV, it’s hardly surprising we all think we can re-decorate our home in a day and add £10,000 to the value. This is impractical and a task like this should be enjoyed and spread over a longer period of time. Your body will thank you and your decorating will also be better!

Make sure you have the right tools for the job, this will make any decorating job easier and avoid unnecessary injury .

Always read the operational instructions before using tools/products and there are always staff in the shop who will offer advice.

Overstretching cold muscles will put an end to your decorating hobby, so always stretch out before you start.

With over 222,000 ladder related accidents each year*, always ensure there is someone there to support you on your ladder. Never use your ladder on uneven surfaces and make certain it's on a stable flat surface. And never stand on the top two rungs as the ladder may become unstable.

~ Article: MacDonald, Selecting the right ladder. (Ladder injuries), Roofing Contractor,October 2005